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               Invitation for GLAST-2016

                                                     December 13-15th 2016

Dear friends,

        CAAS, FAO, CGIAR System Organization, together with Hainan Provincial government of P.R. China present their compliments to you and have the pleasure to sincerely welcome you for attending the 5th Global Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology (GLAST -2016).

       GLAST was initiated by CAAS in 2006 with FAO and CGIAR as co-sponsors. The four previous sessions were held in China respectively in 2006, 2007,2010 and 2013 with great success. GLAST demonstrates its catalytic role and effectiveness in sharing information and experiences, as well as promoting partnerships among national agricultural research institutions and international organizations. It has become an important platform for the leaders of NARs, IOs, as well as private sectors from both developing world and industrialized countries to explore solutions for agricultural development.

         In this context, we set the theme of the 5th GLAST for “Eliminating Hunger and Poverty through S&T Innovation”. As we are all aware, poverty alleviation and elimination is an indispensable requirement for attaining objectives of MDGs and post-2015 Development Agenda of UN. Mass experience on poverty reduction shows that S&T is the ultimate way out for realizing poverty reduction and sustainable agriculture development. It is also very relevant to FAO’s strategy for global food security and sustainable development in which science and technology can play a significant role.

         As for the conference format, in the first day, we will have a plenary session including speakers from International Organizations, Countries, as well as private sectors following the opening ceremony; in the second day we will have a special topic discussion involving “Pro-Poor Science” in the morning and a group parallel session discussing different topics in the afternoon.

        With your presence, we are positive that GLAST-2016 will keep on creating opportunities to contribute to the world’s agricultural research and development, just as the last four GLASTs have demonstrated.

         We wish all of you have a nice stay in Hainan!

         2016-GLAST Organizing Committee


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